SweetGemsNYC is a small, artisan, gluten free, vegan baking company based in New York City. Handcrafted with almond flour and sweetened with maple syrup, SweetGems are—as stated in the slogan—liberated... liberated from preservatives, refined flours and refined sugars... liberated from the gluten free-vegan-heaps of shame found in the dark recessed corners of most health food stores throughout the nation.

Using mostly organic ingredients, SweetGems are the complete package. They look appetizing. They taste marvelous. And while delivering heart-healthy proteins, they also happen to be wholesome and nutritious.
For a few months now, SweetGems have been on the shelves of one downtown Manhattan cafe called Yorganic. SweetGems has introduced three lines thus far: 1) Artisan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin, 2) Artisan Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffin and 3) Artisan Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie.

Nearly every week, they've been selling out! Other cafes, smoothie bars and health food stores have expressed interest in carrying SweetGems. This is where you come in...


By supporting SweetGems on Kickstarter, you'll be helping with:

• Expanding distribution
•  Building and maintaining a website
•  Buying bakeware
•  Buying organic ingredients, including almond flour and maple syrup
•  Introducing new products
•  Packaging and labeling


In the the mean time, we can be reached at sweetgemsnyc@gmail.com